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Scoutbook has a lot of reports available to units.   Here is a sample list of the reports that are available.  In addition to the ‘canned’ reports, Scoutbook offers through Roster Builder and Report Builder the ability for units to create custom reports to fit the unit’s individual need.

Many of the reports are available with PDF, and CSV downloads.


Activity Log report gives unit leaders a report on Service Hours, Camping and Hiking. Is provided through Internet Advancement.  More information for the activity log report can be found here.


An attendance report is available on your Unit Reports menu to the Unit leader, Committee Chair, Charter Organization Representative, Committee Advancement Coordinator, and Scoutbook Unit Admins. Options include a Date Range, Den/Patrol dropdown to select all or one, an Event Type dropdown to select all or one, and filter for a specific Event. The report is displayed on-screen, and can be saved to PDF Portrait, PDF Landscape, or CSV.  More information on the Attendance Report can be found here.


A report for Unit Admins. This report lists most Scoutbook transactions for your unit with date, time and who made the change. Fields for data that is not available will remain blank. A date range, category selections and several sort orders are provided.  More information on the Audit Log Report can be found here.


Looking for a Board of Review Report in Scoutbook?  Use the Boy Scout History Report. The Boy Scout History Report is a report that can be used for multiple purposes. One is as a detailed summary of a Scout’s advancement to utilize at a Board of Review. The Boy Scout History Report is also a good summary report to use when preparing a Scout’s Eagle Scout application. The Boy Scout History Report can be found on an individual’s Scout’s page under Reports.  


History Reports are available in the individual Scout pages under Reports. Click on the Scout in My Dashboard, Administration or in the unit Roster, Scout, then click Reports.  They provide the information that is in Scoutbook for that individual Scout.  Scoutbook unit admins and key 3 also can access history reports from their dashboard.  When you want all the history of a Scout in Scoutbook, this is the report to use.  This is usually the report to attach to Eagle Scout paperwork.


Provides a list of the Scouts who have incomplete merit badges and which requirements are still outstanding.  Search can be adjusted for individual merit badges and patrols.  The incomplete merit badge report is available on the unit menu under reports.

There is also a separate report accessible to merit badge counselors that provides this information for the Scouts they are counseling.  Located on the MBC’s dashboard under Reports.


This page lets unit admins generate, save or print the individual advancement record for Scouts. Choose which type of report you would like, then select one or more Scouts.  More information on the Individual Advancement Report can be found here.

Available in Personal Scouting Unit Advancement Details Report: Found in Roster for unit leaders, once a person is select (youth or adult), you can print out a detail of all the registration, training, and advancement records for that person. Note: this is a one person at a time report.


This report shows all the advancement that has been completed but not approved.

Review each Scout’s work including his notes, photos and videos he has posted. Use the Notepad feature to communicate to the Scout, parents and other leaders.

After approving the Scout’s work a blue checkmark will appear replacing the green one.
For more information, see:

Tracking ScoutsBSA Advancement in Scoutbook

Tracking Cub Scout Advancement in Scoutbook


This report shows everything that is approved and not purchased or awarded. Select all the awards you want to purchase then press Create Purchase Order.

After creating the purchase order all awards will be placed into Purchased status. You will be able to customize, sort, group and print the purchase order in the format you want.

For more information, see:

Tracking ScoutsBSA Advancement in Scoutbook

Tracking Cub Scout Advancement in Scoutbook


This report shows everything that is approved and not awarded. A shopping cart icon appears next to an item if the item has been added to a purchase order.  For Pack Meetings and Courts of Honor, see the Recognition Report below.

For more information, see:

Tracking ScoutsBSA Advancement in Scoutbook

Tracking Cub Scout Advancement in Scoutbook


This report provides a list of the Scouts who are eligible for the Order of the Arrow.  For more information go here.


Provides reporting on the payment logs in Scoutbook for a specific date range.  Can be sorted by:   Scout Name, then Category;  Scout Name, then Transaction Date; Transaction, Category, then Scout Name; Patrol or den, then Scout Name, then Category.  The Payment Log report is available to unit leaders on the unit page under Reports.  More information can be found here.


This report available to unit admins and selected leaders is available in the unit reports menu.  It provides information that is needed to help organize Pack meetings, Courts of Honor and similar recognition events.  Options include a date range, showing any awards outside the date range if they are not marked awarded, show all approved awards inside the date range, even if they are marked awarded. Several sort options are provided. The report can be displayed on the screen (formatted for desktop or mobile), dumped to either PDF or CSV.  The Recognition Report is available to unit leaders on the unit page under Reports.


Use Report Builder and Report Builder Manager to create and manage advancement reports for the entire unit. It even lets you compare Scouts from entirely different units if you want. Quickly see which ranks, badges, awards and requirements your Scouts have in common and which ones they all need to complete. Compare their progress side by side. Create and save your custom reports to your Dashboard for easy access to the data that is most important to you. You can even share your reports for others in your unit to use.  Report Builder is available to unit leaders in the unit page under Reports.


Allows the unit leaders to create a unit roster report.  The Roster Builder is available on the unit Roster page under Print Roster.


Official adult training reports are not in Scoutbook, they are available at however there are now links in Scoutbook to directly access the reports.

  • There is a direct link to the Unit’s Trained Leader Report in The new link is Trained Leader Status on the Unit’s Report menu. Any user who had access to the legacy Trained Leader Report has access to the Trained Leader Status report.
  • A link to the Unit’s Youth Protection Training Report in has been added to the Unit’s Report Menu. Any user who had access to the legacy Trained Leader Report has access to the Youth Protection Training Report.
  • The My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> My Training link points directly to the user’s dashboard in
  • Scoutbook continue to import Youth Protection Training dates each night to validate Merit Badge Counselors.

If training is not showing up correctly in, please see the guide here.

Official youth training is tracked by the council in my.Scouting.

Unit Key 3 members and Scoutbook Admins can also obtain adult training records for adults in your unit using Roster Builder


This is the report you take to the Scout Shop to show your advancements are in Scoutbook. For more information on this report see this page.


In addition to the reports above, unit administrators can extract data from Scoutbook into CSV files that can be read by Microsoft Excel. This provides the capability of even more customized reporting. This feature is available to unit Scoutbook Admins on the unit page under Export / Backup.

Updated on September 15, 2023

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