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What kind of financial recording does Scoutbook Provide? – Payment Logs (SB)

Scoutbook provides a way to record financial records for Scouts, Adults, and the Unit via Payment Logs. Keep track of dues, activity costs, down payments for summer camps or high adventures and more.  See what is owed and what has been paid. Keep track of unit costs and payments, and balance your books to the Financial Summary.  Only Admins and Treasurers are able to add or modify the payments log.

Scout payment logs can be accessed from their account page in Scoutbook.  Parent logs can be accessed on the connection page by treasurers and admins. All payment logs may be easily accessed via links on the Quick Entry page.

Member Payment Logs

You can view any individual payment log

Here is an example input screen for an individual Scout or Adult:

If a Scout/Adult is charged for an activity or outing, Record a Charge can be used to place a charge against the payment log, decrease its balance, but not affect the cash holdings of the overall unit.  Similarly, Record a Withdrawal will reduce the payment log balance, but since that cash is removed from the system, reduces overall cash holdings of the unit.

If a Scout/Adult provides a payment to the unit, the Record a Payment from the Scout/Adult increases the payment log balance, and increases the overall cash holdings of the unit.  Record a Credit from Unit can be used for a refund by the unit or a profit share to the Scout/Adult payment log, by increasing the payment log balance, but not affecting the overall cash balance held by the unit.

Unit Payment Logs

The Unit Payment log is similar:

Unit options are for the transactions that occur to and from the unit from non-Scout/non-Adults.  These would be Record a payment received by the unit, which increases the overall cash holdings of the unit, but does not affect and Scout/Adult balances.  Record a Payment made by unit would decrease the overall cash holdings of the unit, and not affect the balances of any Scout/Adult payment logs.

Quick Entry

Quick Entry is available for Scouts and Adults as well.


You can obtain a report at a den, patrol, or unit level (see the Reports Menu on the unit, den or patrol page.) The Payment Log Report can be viewed on screen or saved as a PDF or .CSV file.

You can also review the Unit payment log and the overall unit’s Financial Summary:

The Financial Information categories are:

  • Total Cash: How much cash is in the system. This is typically a bank balance plus any petty cash.
  • Fees Receivable (Amount due by Youth/Adult): How much is owed by youth/adult (sum of the negative youth/adult payment log balances)
  • Total Liabilities (Payables): How much is being held for youth/adult (sum of the positive youth/adult payment log balances)
  • Total Assets: How much cash the unit would have if all the youth/adult paid their debts
  • Net Assets: How much cash the merchant system would have if all the youth/adult paid their debts, and the unit refunded any balances held by the youth/adult.
  • Cash Available (Conservative): How much the unit could spend without touching youth/adult Cash

For the accountants out there, the accounting equation that summarizes this information is:

Total Assets (or total cash + Fees Receivable) – Liabilities = Net Assets.

Understanding the Calculations

You can enter information into the table below to see how it affects the various calculated balances and categories

Sum of Charges/ CreditsSum of Member payments/ withdrawals or Unit Payment To/FromPayment Log Balance
Scout 1
Scout 2
Fees Receivable
Total Liabilities
Total Assets
Net Assets
Total Cash (Bank Balance)
Unit Balance (Calculated -not reported)
Cash Available (Conservative)

Setting up your Initial Balances

If no one in your unit has used the Payment logs, simply enter Record a Payment Received by the Unit to the Unit Payment Log to be equal to your bank balance. Then, if you have Scout's that should have a positive balance in their accounts, use the Record a Credit From Unit option to initialize their account. Or, it eh scout has an initial amount due, use the Record a Charge From the Unit in their account.

If your are starting with old charges and credits - and your member account balances look good but your actual bank balance does not match the Total Cash, then determine how much actual cash you are holding for your unit and your scouts.  This is your “Actual Cash”.  On your unit page in Scoutbook, click on the Unit Payments Log link, which provides the Financial Information summary shown above.

Using the numbers provided, calculate this Adjustment:

Adjustment = Actual Cash – Total Cash (from the Scoutbook report)

Now, click on the 

button.  If your Adjustment is positive, click the Record a Payment received by unit radio button.  If it is negative, click the Record a Payment made by unit button.  Enter a description, and put Adjustment in the Amount field.  Note, if your Adjustment is negative, enter it as a positive number here.

Click Update.

If you’ve used the payment logs before and have scout transactions recorded, you are finished setting up.  If you never entered scout transactions before, you can start enter them at any time.

Search Unit Payment Logs

This functionality allows the user to track logs by Members, by unit including payments from past and current members and by Event. User can filter the search by Unit, Log Type, From Date, To Date, Name or Description, Category or Label, Calendar Event, Payment Due Date User Type, Registration Type, First Name, Last Name and/or BSA Member ID.

The results page will show all the users that satisfy the criteria inputted with their balance. They can click on the results to view the payment logs of the selected user.

The search functionality is available to Unit Admin and Unit Treasure in the unit page in Scoutbook.

More Information

Please also see more information for members to use PayPal for paying outstanding balances.

Other Features

Information on PayPal integration can be found here. 

There is a Chrome / Firefox extension that supports a number of other features, for example:

Important Information Concerning Scouts Moving to Other Units

PLEASE NOTE: This information is retained in the unit if the Scout moves to another unit, but the new unit does not have access to those records. You can find past member payment logs in your Search Unit Payment Logs link on your unit page.

Updated on November 16, 2023

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