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Payment Logs (SB) – Improvements

Scoutbook Payment Logs have new functionality. It was previously limited to Scouts and it only had Payment and Amount Due as the log types.  Please see below the new functionalities of Scoutbook.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. When is the change scheduled?
A. Currently the change is scheduled for September 8, 2021

Q. As a Scoutbook unit admin, is there anything I need to do to get my unit ready for the new payment logs?
A. Nothing needs to be done before the new log features are released. 
If you used the Feature Assistant Extension for UnitPaylogs, you will need to convert logs to the new format once the new format is released.   Details will appear on a banner for Extension users.  If you want to take advantage of unit account with the new logs, there is a simple process to “set up” the unit balance in the logs so you can track finances .

Q. Will I lose any data with the change?  If so, what changes?
A. No data will be lost.  In fact, the opposite is true – access to data from previous members will become available.  See the Search Payment Logs feature. This functionality will allow the user to track logs by Members, by unit including payments from past and current members.

Payment logs for Adults

Unit Admin and Unit Treasurers can now record logs not only for youth but also for adults. It has the same log information as the youth and can be accessed on the adult’s account page in Scoutbook.

Partial Payment via PayPal

Parents can now partially pay the balance of their child via PayPal. The Pay via PayPal Button will only show up if the child has a negative balance or there is an amount due for the child. The said button will show up in the payments log page of the scout.

Unit Charge for PayPal use

When PayPal is used by members to pay outstanding charges, fees are deducted by PayPal for the payments.  Currently, the unit absorbs these fees.  To account for the loss of the fee from the payment, the Fee Charge is added to the Unit Payment Log for each PayPal transaction.

Unit Payment Logs

Unit Admins and Unit treasures can now enter payments that were received by the unit like donations and payments made by the unit to other entities like the expense incurred during a camping event.

The unit payment logs also show the financial information of the unit. Total Cash is the sum of all the payments made by youth/adult and payments received by the unit. Fees receivable is the sum of the negative balances of the youth/adult. Total Asset is the total of cash and receivables.  Total Liabilities is the sum of the positive balances of the youth/adult. Net Assets is Total Assets minus Total Liabilities. Cash Available is Total Cash minus Total Liabilities.

It can be accessed by the user in the unit page of Scoutbook.

Search Unit Payment Logs

This functionality will allow the user to track logs by Members, by unit including payments from past and current members and by Event. User can filter the search by Unit, Log Type, From Date, To Date, Name or Description, Category or Label, Calendar Event, Payment Due Date User Type, Registration Type, First Name, Last Name and/or BSA Member ID.

The results page will show the entire user that satisfies the criteria inputted with their balance. They can click on the results to view the payment logs of the selected user.

The search functionality is available to Unit Admin and Unit Treasure in the unit page in Scoutbook.

New Log Types, and Terminology Changes

We have added log types in the Scout/Adult payments log, and modified the existing type labels. Payment is renamed Record a Payment from Scout/Adult.  Amount Due  has been renamed Record a Charge from Unit.   Additionally, we now have Record a Withdrawal from Scout/Adult Account and Record a Credit from Unit.

Record a Withdrawal from Scout/Adult Account  allows the user to log withdrawals from the youth/adult account and refunds. This has an effect on the cash balance of the unit. The amount entered here is being deducted in the cash balance of the unit.

Record a Credit from Unit allows the user to log profit sharing and other transaction similar to it. This does not affect the cash balance of the unit. They can apply this credit to pay for any charges of the youth/adult or to increase their balance.

More Information

Please see this page for more information on the payment logs.

Updated on September 9, 2021

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