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Scoutbook Council Administrator Tools

Councils can appoint up to 20 individuals as Scoutbook council administrators.

Capabilities of council administrators:

Uploading Merit Badge Completions From Council or District Events (info here)

Assign approved merit badges to merit badge counselors, or remove them. (info here)

Obtain a list of merit badge counselors in Scoutbook (via manage approved merit badge counselor list menu) (info here)

Search for merit badge counselors in Scoutbook

Search for Nova counselors and Supernova mentors

Add/Edit council admins (info here)

Send messages to units

Edit council information

Edit a banner message that appears to units in Scoutbook

Manage Scout shop addresses in Scoutbook

Manage units access to PayPal within Scoutbook (info here)

Merit badge In-Progress Report
Cub Scout History Report for an individual
Scouts BSA History Report for an individual
Obtain a draft Eagle Application for an individual
List of all members of the council in Scoutbook

Also see:
Council Professional Access to Internet Advancement (IA)

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Updated on June 9, 2022

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