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Awarded or Approved Options in Internet Advancement (IA)

The statuses that are used throughout various parts of Scoutbook and Internet Advancement are listed below.

1. Started – means in progress

2. Completed – means the youth has completed the item but it needs approval from their unit leader. In Internet Advancement (IA) this status is generally called “Pending” because IA is for unit leaders and their action is required for all completed items. Can be entered with either Scoutbook.com or in the Scouting Mobile App

3. Approved – The unit leader has verified (i.e., “signed off”) that the youth has completed all requirements. (As far as BSA is concerned this youth has earned this advancement.)

4. Awarded (optional) – Some units like to have a way to keep track of which advancements have been approved but not yet presented to the youth. This is where the “Awarded” status comes in. A unit leader can choose to mark all advancements which have been presented to their youth as “Awarded”.

Updated on October 17, 2019

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