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How Do I Stop Getting Emails or Remove My Scout in Scoutbook? (SB)

NOTE: Please contact your unit and make sure you have discussed this with them before executing these steps.

If you can login to Scoutbook, you can edit your membership, your Scout’s membership in the unit or opt-out of emails.

To only opt-out of emails while leaving yourself and your Scout associated with the unit, see the guide here.

To end the Scout’s membership in the unit in Scoutbook, either contact your local unit (preferably), or log into Scoutbook; Click on My Dashboard, your Scout; Click on their Membership; Click on the current membership in the unit; place an end date in and Update (don’t delete or remove the scout.) This will remove them from the unit roster in Scoutbook.

If you wish to no longer be associated with the Scout as a parent, but have the Scout remain in the unit in Scoutbook: log into Scoutbook, click on My Dashboard, click on the Scout; click on your name, remove the parent role check mark, and update. (warning this will disassociate yourself from your Scout in Scoutbook and only pack leaders will be able to re-associate you.)

Updated on October 5, 2019

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