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Adding-Removing and Moving Scouts Between Units-Dens-Patrols

Scoutbook does not automatically make changes to BSA registrations. Currently, all changes are restricted to Scoutbook. Make sure you submit the appropriate paper application to your local Council Service Center to reflect any registration changes.

You need to have unit admin rights to complete many of the functions listed in this guide. ADDING A NEW SCOUT TO YOUR UNIT

Scoutbook will automatically add the Scouts on your current council roster. When updates are made with registrations at your council they will populate in Scoutbook within 24 hours. If you wish to add Scouts prior to that time, see the following: (Adding them in Scoutbook will not change their registrations, you still much file the proper paperwork.)  NOTE: We recommend you wait for the Scouts to appear on your roster.  You can manually create them, but you run the risk of creating a record that does not exactly match the name, birthdate, address, etc. and we are not able to match the record you create to update it with the Scout’s member ID.  When that happens a second (duplicate) record will be created and you will need to remove (put in an end date) of the one you entered.

If the Scout is already in Scoutbook in another unit, see the Moving Scouts to Other Units section below.

If they are a new Scout to Scoutbook, enter the Scouts onto your roster by hand. See the Add Scout button at the end of the unit roster in Scoutbook. Enter the Scout’s name, date of birth and BSA ID. You can fill in all of the address and parent info after that. Once your council has registered them into your unit, you can then click on the Scout and click the “click here to activate” link on their page to activate the Scout into the advancement sync. Once the Scout is in sync, the advancements will come over within 48 hours.

If you are entering new Scouts before member update brings them in there are a few things to consider

  1. Enter the name exactly as it appears on the Application
  2. Date of Birth has to be exact
  3. Zip code has to be exact
  4. Their membership has to be approved in Scoutbook for Member Update to see it


Use the Transfer Tool, see:



Adding a Scout in Scoutbook will not register them, you must still file the proper paperwork.

You can move one or more Scouts by going to the patrol or den’s page. Near the bottom of the page, click on the Reassign Scout(s) button

You can also use the membership area to move individual Scouts to different patrols or dens by clicking on the Reassign Scout button there.

Here is an example:

Click on the Scout

Click on the Scout’s Membership, Click on Reassign Scout. Select from the pull down which den or patrol you wish to move the Scout into.

The following will enable you to ADD Scouts not already in your Pack or Troop:

  1. go to the den or patrol that you want to move the scout to
  2. click on add scout

Only create a new Scout record if you are 100% sure the Scout doesn’t already have an existing account in Scoutbook.

Transferring a Scout not in your unit to a Den or Patrol

Use the transfer tool, see:


If you have inactive Scouts, you can go to the Scout’s Membership page, click on their current membership and Un-approve their position or if you wish to remove them from your roster entirely, end their membership in your unit.  (they will stay on the Council’s official roster until the end of the year if they don’t transfer to another unit.)

If you remove them by mistake,

Go to: Home > My Dashboard > Administration > My Account > My Connections

Click on his name there, and go back into the membership area for the scout. You can adjust memberships from there.

NOTE: If a change is made to a Scout’s record by your council then the Scout could be added back onto your roster.


Often a Scout may be registered in two units. For example, a troop and a Venturing crew. The system should handle this automatically now.


Missing Scout. If a Scout disappears from your unit roster and you need to find him, go to: My Dashboard ➔ My Account (under Administration) ➔ My Connections and see if he is there. If he is, click on his membership area and make your unit an active membership.

Updated on June 7, 2023

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