Using Connection Manager to Set Positions (SB)

This is a page is designed to give Unit Admins a quick and easy to way to view and change all the Scout connections to adults in the unit.  To access the page, unit administrators go to the unit roster page and click on Connections Manager.


  1. Horizontal and vertical scrollbars support hundreds of columns and rows so you can edit connections from any device with no issues.
  2. Frozen top row and left column while you scroll allows you to see who you are editing even on smaller devices.
  3. Only available to users with the Unit Admin role
  4. Click on an adult (left column) and quickly set permissions on all Scouts.
  5. Click on individual cells to set permissions


The dots show the adult’s permissions that are set for the Scout.

A guide on Roles and Permissions is here.

Updated on October 20, 2019

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