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Advancement Chair Doesn’t Have Access (SB)

This guide is for the unit Scoutbook Administrator

If the unit advancement chair doesn’t seem to have the proper access to the unit in Scoutbook, do the following:

First check that they have been given the position of Advancement Chair in Scoutbook it should appear under their name in the roster in Scoutbook (If not, see our getting started guide on how to do that.  https://help.scoutbook.scouting.org/article-categories/getting-started/ )

If they have, click on their name in the Roster and click on their unit advancement chair position and make it the default position.

Unit Advancement Chair has the ability to run the needs purchasing Report and generate the report to bring to the Scout Shop. They cannot inherently approve advancements you will have to add the Edit Advancement permission to them if you wish them to be able to do that (see below.)

If you wish to make is to they can approve advancements, then click on the unit roster, at the bottom of the page, click on Connections Manager.  Click on their name on the left and make sure they have at least Edit Advancement rights.

After you do this, they will have to log on and off again for changes to take effect.

If they still has an issue have them do the following: 

In Scoutbook, go to My Dashboard -> My Units -> Roster, then click on your name. Once you’re there, click on your positions, then the your position, then click the big red Update button. If you are separately listed as a Admin, do the same thing there. This will reestablish your connections in Scoutbook.

Updated on October 12, 2019

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