Scoutbook Demo Environment

We have been working to provide you with a demo environment where you can get a hands-on-experience for Scoutbook. This environment is now ready for you.

To access, please visit At the log in page, a set of credentials to choose from is presented to you after clicking LOGIN on the main page (not Den Leader Login) – found in the top-right corner. Simply select a user and click “Login”. The experience can be accessed and viewed from your mobile device or desktop computer.

(We have had some reported issues access the demo environment from outside the USA.)

A quick note, as this is a demo environment with multiple people accessing, you may find some changes, etc. have occurred since your last visit This is to be expected.

For your convenience, the list of accessible users/accounts is as follows:

  • Pp_cccrew – Crew Committee Chair
  • Pp_ccpack – Pack Committee Chair
  • Pp_ccship – Ship Committee Chair
  • Pp_cctroop – Troop Committee Chair
  • Pp_cocrew – Crew Chartered Org Rep
  • Pp_copack – Pack Chartered Org Rep
  • Pp_coship – Ship Chartered Org Rep
  • Pp_cotroop – Troop Chartered Org Rep
  • Pp_counadmin – Council Administrator
  • Pp_coouncomm – Council Commissioner
  • Pp_cubmaster – Cubmaster
  • Pp_scoutbmaster – Scoutmaster
  • Pp_skipper – Skipper
  • Pp_unitkey3del – Pack/Troop/Crew/Ship Admin
  • Pp_ventcreadvisor – Crew Admin
Updated on August 24, 2020

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