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Managing Merit Badge Counselor Assignments Using Scoutbook

You must be a council administrator to utilize this tool.

Scoutbook’s database is now the database of record for all merit badge counselor badge assignments. MBC position registrations made in Registrar Tools are reflected in Scoutbook automatically within 48 hours. Badge assignments can be made after that with Registrar Tools or by uploading a file to Scoutbook.

•Registrars register MBCs using Registrar Tools

After 24 hours:
•Registrars will be able to assign merit badges to the MBCs
•Council administrators are able to assign merit badges to MBCs using Scoutbook

Scoutbook Council Admins may edit the assignments of merit badges to merit badge counselors by logging into Scoutbook, going to their Dashboard. Click on Manage Approved Merit Badge Counselor List.

To use this tool: You start by downloading the list of merit badge counselors currently listed in Scoutbook,

HINT: Copy the downloaded file before making any changes to it, and save it in case you need to upload the entire file at some later date if something goes unexpectedly.

Remove the counselors you are not making changes for and from there modify the badges for the remaining counselors and upload the revised file. Counselors not in the file will not be affected by your changes. Only the Registrar using Registrar Tools can remove a counselor entirely. 

NOTE: You can upload a partial file, only the merit badge counselors in the file will be affected by the assignment changes.

Updated on June 8, 2022

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