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Is Using Scoutbook Mandatory?

The National Council of the BSA does not mandate the use of Scoutbook. Some local councils may, please contact your local council for direction.

Here is the national policy: Reporting Advancement

All Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, and Sea Scout ranks, and all Venturing advancement awards must be reported to local councils.* The best and most accurate method is through the BSA’s internet portal (Scoutbook or Internet Advancement) for reporting advancement (see “Electronic Advancement Reporting,”, for more detail on reporting). At the council’s discretion, the paper form, Advancement Report, may also be submitted.

*An advancement report is not required to purchase adventure loops or pins. However, to ensure that each Cub Scout’s record is complete and accurate, all adventures— required and elective—should be posted in the BSA system using the internet portal for reporting advancement.

Council advancement committees may elect to accept a completed Eagle Scout Rank Application that is signed by the board of review chair and the Scout executive, in lieu of an advancement report form.

All badges of rank, merit badges, Eagle Palms, and Venturing awards are restricted items. Unit leadership may not purchase these insignia for presentation without having filed an advancement report with the local council.

Units should report advancement monthly. This assures member records are complete. Missing reports are a serious issue, for example, accurate documentation is critical for boards of review, the Eagle Scout rank, the Summit Award, the Quartermaster rank, and membership transfers or reinstatements. To reflect an accurate count in the Journey to Excellence performance recognition program, it is also important that all advancement for a calendar year be recorded during that year.

Updated on April 7, 2019

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