Introduction to Internet Advancement (IA)

Internet Advancement is available to unit key three members via

Internet Advancement writes to the Scoutbook database so anything approved will instantly show up in Scoutbook (and visa versa.) Also all records are sync’d with the council records automatically within 48 hours.

Who Can Use Internet Advancement?

Unit LeaderFull Access
Unit Key 3 MemberFull Access
Unit Key 3 DelegateFull Access
Unit Advancement ChairFull Access
ParentRecord completed activities for children
YouthRecord your own activities
Assistant Scout MasterRecord completed activities
Den LeaderRecord completed activities
Scoutbook Roles
Crew AdminRecord completed activities
Pack AdminRecord completed activities
Ship AdminRecord completed activities
Patrol AdminRecord completed activities
Den AdminRecord completed activities
Unit Activity ChairRecord completed activities

Key 3 Delegate & Unit Advancement Chair roles may be designated in Organization Security Manager at as a Key 3 Delegate or an Advancement Chair by someone holding one of the three positions above. To make such a delegation, see the guide here.

Helpful Links
Record AdvancementsRecording Advancements
Record AdvancementsApproving Advancements
Activity Logs Recording Activities in Internet Advancement
Activity LogsHow Do I Record a Unit Activity Using Internet Advancement
Activity LogsI’m A Unit Leader, How do I Create A Future Internet Advancement Activity So My Unit Members Can Join?
Activity LogsAs A Parent Or Youth, How Do I Record A New Activity
Activity LogsHow Do I View All Activities For A Single Youth In Internet Advancement
Activity LogsI’m A Unit Leader, How do I Update an Existing Activity in Internet Advancement

More information can be found in the Bryan on Scouting article here.

An introduction to Internet Advancement PDF of presentation is here.

To log into Internet Advancement:

  • Log into
  • Select Menu in the upper left
  • Select Legacy Tools
  • Click on Internet Advancement

OR visit

For information on how to use Internet Advancement offline, see this guide.

For information on how to enter advancements and print the report for the Scout Shop go here.

For information on how to upload a file from a 3rd party app and print the report for the Scout Shop go here.

Updated on November 24, 2020

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