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I am not seeing how to enter some Cub Scout awards

Q. It seems that many of the awards that should be available to Wolves, Bears, and 4th grade Webelos are not available. I checked all of the Scouts in my Pack and the 5th graders are the only ones who have awards beyond Tiger level to pick from in their individual records? This is awards specifically, not Adventure loops.

A. Scoutbook uses a Cub Scout’s den membership to know which program (Wolf, Bear, etc.) the Scout is working on.

1) Make sure that all of your Cub Scouts are assigned to dens (a Pack Admin might need to create the dens first). The easiest way to assign Cub Scouts to a den is to go to the den page, click on the “Reassign Scout(s)” button, select the names of the Scout(s) that you want to transfer to this den, then click on the “Invite” button (no e-mail will be sent, but the Scout will be moved into the den).

2) If the issue is still not resolved, go to your roster, click on the Cub Scout’s name, then scroll down and click on the Scout’s Membership. If you see two current memberships (one for the pack and one for the den), click on the pack membership (“Youth Member”) and put in a date ended. The only current membership should be the den membership.

Updated on April 15, 2019

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