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How to Make a Mini Rank Report (SB)

Make the following selections to make a Rank Mini Report for any specific rank (this example is for Cub Scouts however the process is very similar for Boy Scouts)

  1. Click on My Dashboard
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Click on Report Builder
  4. Choose Report Type: I’ll Choose Cub Scouts for the following examples
  5. Choose Scouts: Choose Custom, then select only the scouts in the den you are creating the report for.
  6. Choose Data: Check the following boxes
    1. Select Rank (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, etc.)
    2. Under selected rank, select Rank Requirements
    3. Select Adventures
    4. Select ALL Adventures for that rank
  7. Choose Settings: Check the following boxes
    1. Show % Complete
    2. Show Dates
    3. Show Requirement Descriptions
    4. Show Current Rank
    5. Show Emblem Icons

      Do not select “Show Adventure Requirements.” This will display the individual requirements for each adventure selected. For this report we only want the overall Adventure status.

  8. Enter Report Title (name it something descriptive like Mini Rank Report)
  9. Save & Run Report (now your report will be saved and you can run it again simply by clicking on it.)
Updated on June 21, 2019

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