How to Assign Palm Dates in Scoutbook (SB)

Scoutbook assigns the MBs by completion date with the oldest going to Star and fills them in from there chronologically.

This is automatic. Other than changing the completion date of the badge, there is no other way to rearrange the badges.

  1. If the palm is earned with Eagle rank – use the same date as Eagle. (The Eagle board of review date and the Eagle completion date should be the same.)
  2. If palm is earned after Eagle – You wait 3 months from Eagle board of review between each palm then approve

The right way to wear a combination of palms

The Bronze Palm represents the first five merit badges beyond the 21 required for Eagle. The Gold Palm represents the next five (10 total), and the Silver Palm the third five (15 total).

After that, you’ll combine multiple Palms. While qualifying Eagle Scouts can wear multiple Silver Palms, they should never wear more than 1 Bronze or 1 Gold Palm. You’ll see why in this handy chart that shows the proper Palm combinations.

Total number of merit badgesNumber beyond minimumPalm combination
2651 Bronze
31101 Gold
36151 Silver
41201 Bronze, 1 Silver
46251 Gold, 1 Silver
51302 Silver
56351 Bronze, 2 Silver
61401 Gold, 2 Silver
66453 Silver
71501 Bronze, 3 Silver
76551 Gold, 3 Silver
81604 Silver
86651 Bronze, 4 Silver
91701 Gold, 4 Silver
96755 Silver
101801 Bronze, 5 Silver
106851 Gold, 5 Silver
111906 Silver
116951 Bronze, 6 Silver
1211001 Gold, 6 Silver
1261057 Silver
1311101 Bronze, 7 Silver
1361151 Gold, 7 Silver
Updated on February 9, 2021

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