How do I give other adults Admin rights?

Scoutbook recommends having at least 3 users set up as Unit Admins. If your unit only has one admin it would be wise to add at least another trusted adult as a second admin.

First make sure the adult shows up in your Roster. If not then click the Add Leader button. If you are adding a new leader you will be able to select the Admin role when you create their account.

If you want to grant the Admin role to an existing adult in your Roster, just click on their name to go to the adult account page.

A list of positions and roles will appear for the user. You can add the Admin role by clicking the Add Position button and select Pack Admin role or Troop Admin role.

If you have a den or patrol subscription you can add the Den Admin or Patrol admin role.

For more information see our Getting a Unit Started Guide.

Updated on October 13, 2019

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