How do I change my email on Scoutbook? (SB)

To change your email, click on My Dashboard > My Account > Email

Users can change their own email in Scoutbook by logging in and clicking My Dashboard > Administration > My Account > Email. They will then enter their new email and their current password. They will then get a verification code in their email that they must enter to change their email. It is best for them to check their email in a new tab.

This is what the user sees when first logging in. They will click My Dashboard.

Once they click My Dashboard, they will be taken to this page where they will click Administration.

Once they click Administration, they will then be
taken to this screen where they can click My Account.

After clicking My Account, they will then be taken to this page where they can click Email (at the very top).

Once they click Email, they will be taken to the following page where they can enter their new email.

Updated on August 23, 2020

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