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Cub Scout credited for wrong rank or adventure towards wrong rank

Q. I need help! A Scout is listed as having a higher current rank than the Scout’s current den level. How can we fix this?

A. You should be able to resolve this as follows if you are a Unit Admin in Scoutbook:

  1. Temporarily move the Cub Scout into a den that corresponds with the rank you wish to remove. (For example: If you wish to remove the Bear rank, move the Scout into a Bear den.) The easiest way to do this is to go to the den page of the higher den, click on the “Reassign Scout” button at the bottom of the list of Scouts. Click on the Scout’s name, and invite the Scout to join this den. They will not be sent an email but will be moved into this new den.
  2. A Pack Admin can remove the incorrect rank by clicking on the Scout’s name, then:

Scout’s Advancement -> rank that needs to be removed -> click on the “Earned” checkbox at the top of the page

Remove the “Date earned”, “Approved / Recorded” and “Awarded” check marks (as applicable). Then Save.

Individual requirements can be removed by clicking on the checkbox next to a requirement -> Remove the date and any check marks -> Save.


3. Move the Cub Scout back to the correct den (please see step 1 on how to easily reassign the Scout to the correct den).
4. Double-check the Scout’s Connections and calendar invites to make sure that they are correct.

Updated on October 22, 2019

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