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Council Merit Badge Counselor Upload Instructions (SB)

NOTE: These instructions are for Council Scoutbook Administrators

If your Council is uploading this information for the first time, it will lock the capability of individual units making changes to approved merit badges assigned to counselors. On Feb 1, 2021, we will remove any remaining unregistered merit badge counselors from Scoutbook and remove the ability of units to change which MBs are approved for MBCs.

All merit badge counselors now come into Scoutbook automatically from ScoutNET. It is highly recommended that you place all approved merit badges that a counselor can counsel into ScoutNET as well, if you do, they will automatically come into Scoutbook and you will not have to do anything after uploading the file once.

To do the initial upload of the file, the council administrator logs onto Scoutbook, then navigates to the Manage Merit Badge Counselor List page in the Dashboard, and downloads the list from that page. Then immediately uploads it again, and processes it. That will prevent individual units from making any changes, and also opens up the option for MBCs to set their visibility in their ‘my positions’ page.

If you keep the approved merit badges in ScoutNET for each merit badge counselor, you do not have to do anything else going forward.

If for some reason your council cannot keep the badges in ScoutNET, download the file and make changes to the file to add or remove merit badges and upload the file. The file upload does not do anything but manage the badges, it does not change user names or member IDs or contact information.

Updated on September 26, 2020

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