Adding Tiger / Webelos Den Leader Roles (SB)

Q. Trying to add an assistant den leader to a den. When I pull up his position (ADL), where I should be able to click on Tiger Den 5 is shaded out. So when I go down to the bottom to click Submit, I get a message that says: Den: Please select a den for position #1. You may need to create the den first from the pack page if it is not showing. 

A. When adding a Tiger Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Assistant Webelos Leader you must use the Tiger Den Leader (or Webelos Den Leader or Assistant Webelos Den Leader) role as it is different than the regular Den Leader role.

Note: Tiger Dens do not have Assistant Den Leaders, just Adult Partners.

Scouts stay in Webelos Scouts until bridging into ScoutsBSA there are not Arrow of Light Dens in Scoutbook.

Updated on October 1, 2019

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