Adding a Den Chief to a Pack


Den Chief is a Scouts BSA leadership Position of Responsibility that is available to Scouts in a troop. Den chiefs work with Cub Scouts in a pack and help with Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light dens. You can connect a den chief in a troop to a pack in Scoutbook.

Once connected:

  • Den chiefs and their parents can be sent emails and calendar reminders from their den and pack
  • Den chiefs are included in attendance records
  • Den chiefs and their parents can view den and pack calendars
  • All youth protection protocols are observed for den chiefs as they are still youth

Note:  Lion and Tiger dens do not have den chiefs.  For more information about Den Chiefs, visit BSA’s Den Leader Resources.

Adding a Den Chief to a Den

First the troop needs to tell Scoutbook about the den chief.

From the troop side, it starts just like adding any other position: click their leadership > add > select den chief and start date.  Then, select the council, type the pack number and select the pack description from the dropdown.  Select the den they are supporting if known (if not, the pack can fill it in).  Select position approved, and hit update.

For existing den chiefs in Scoutbook, the unit admin clicks on the existing leadership position, and adds the pack (and den if known.)

Then on the pack side, a Pack Admin or Den Admin finds the den chief on the pack page or pack roster (separate section for den chiefs), select the dens they support, check dens approved, and click update.

Removing the Den Chief from the Den

When the troop ends the position it is removed from the pack. Also a pack or den admin can un-approve the den chief from the den. Either action will stop the emails from being sent and the den chief from accessing the pack calendar.

Updated on September 2, 2021

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